The Journey

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Different things have been said about 2012 sometimes they talk about changing the planet, sometimes the change of people, sometimes it's about a catastrophe these could all be true but this is what I think.

I believe that the shared consciousness within us, that all people are connected but people are becoming aware that they have things but they don't make us happy. This does not fulfil us as much as the marketing people say it should but people are getting disillusioned with these things. That makes people always want to have the next thing the next new thing; they throw the old things away before they really need to. Because the marketing people say it's not the right colour, or the right type or right name. This process cannot be maintained as all the people cannot keep pace with this process they have to earn more to spend more a treadmill which goes around faster and faster. The money we spend we borrow to have these goods which just increases the process. Governments spend more than they should; they borrow and then have to pay it back. It's a bit like the emperor's new clothes story no one can see this process cannot be maintained except the innocent child, we are now awaking to become the innocent child.

Yes I do need some items but not as much as other people tell me I need, I think this journey of becoming the innocent child is where I have been over many years and now find that I have the separateness, a way of getting off this treadmill.

This spiritual journey, as I call it, becoming one with myself has been a uplifting process it has released me from the chains that bound me to this life of not having enough to this life of having what I need. This I call the meaning of life being responsible for you, why we are here what is it all about. This being single but also connected through this shared conscious makes us not only responsible for ourselves but our actions and interactions become a shared action or interaction. Whatever action I do has in interaction on others. The more I evolve the more the interactions with others evolve the collective.

This does not matter whether you are on earth, as we call it, or another planet as everything is connected. Everything that exists is connected and as such is alive in its own way.

This awakening that we are going to go through will be very disruptive as others are trying to hold this change back and as all things that are help up eventually have to give way and that tide of change will burst forward and just like the tsunami everything in its path will be cleared and the change will occur.

Seventh Ray on 02/09/2011

let your thoughts soar higher and you will see clear like an Eangle
Allow your thoughts to soar higher!.

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