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Karmic revelations

When we look at how the world revolves and we look at what we get when we send out negative intentions the world becomes a process which some people call "What goes around comes around" This way of seeing things is a very simplistic way of understanding the process, which is true, but then if we believe everything has an energy, good or bad, then every interaction produces a reaction and we can literally change things from our interactions to produce the reaction we would prefer. This process is a way of allowing us to be in charge of a particular aspect of our being on this planet. I feel that all our actions can therefore become a much more intense and dramatic process if we all do the same thing at the same time, the more actions with the same input will produce a higher reaction both positive and negative. If for example we hear a news bulleting that brings an aspect of fear into our lives then we all may react in a similar way, possibly by drawing ourselves and our love ones closer together or retreating into an insular world, this could cause a reaction of energy which could be harvested into another energy outburst of the opposite, the feeling of a growing positive energy that someone could use to attain something bigger or better. If this process was orchestrated on a global level then think of the amount of energy which could be created for someone to use to their benefit. Now if the people or person creating the fear knew how to harvest this energy then they would grow whilst others shrunk, they would be fed positive energy whilst others would deplete their energy. This aspect of the Karmic equation is not something we may initially think about but by the logic of Karma cannot be disregarded and if we move forward in this thought process think about how others try to create shock and horror to reduce our input and effect that we have on our worlds.

Seventh Ray on 14/06/2015

let your thoughts soar higher and you will see clear like an Eangle
Allow your thoughts to soar higher!.

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