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Money as a Myth

Money has an element of power and as such it remains a tool to enable people to buy or attain goods or services. Money in itself isn't anything though, as I reflected over the Xmas break, we see it and understand that we have something in our pocket or in our bank account that we can use to get things with. When I look at my bank statement though I see figures which tell me that I have an amount of Money but if I went to that bank and tried to withdraw that money they would not let me have it, as there is a ceiling as to how much Money you can withdraw at one time. This is because they don't have your money in that bank they have an accounting system which tells them that you have that amount but they do not physically have it. It's like the old Mary Poppins film when the young lad tries to get his penny from the bank, which they won't allow him to do, and then everyone else tries to withdraw their money and the whole bank goes into chaos.

So we have an amount that says what we are worth which cannot be fully withdrawn but can be used by electronic means of cards or transfers. So Money in paper form is just something which we use to transfer from one place to another to acquire things with but is limited as to how much we can have. This transfer system stems from the crusades when cheques were first invented as a means of moving Money from one place to another without it being stolen from you.

If you see money as not a value but as a bartering/transfer system then you can relax your hold on it as something which you haven't got but it can give you things if you need them. If you go into a shop and buy something you transfer the value from you to them, this then transfers from them to who they may need to pay, bills tax etc, this then is transferred through the next person who they need to pay and so on, eventually it will come right back to you.

The financial aid we give other countries is not normally money usually its things they need blankets, tents, food etc so we give them 1 million pounds which is normally less than that as it doesn't cost us 1 million pounds to buy those goods and send them, we never pay the full price if buying things in bulk do we.

If everyone stopped buying things they don't need then the whole world system would collapse because not as much Money would transfer between us and in a very short time the world as we know it would end, jobs would go companies would collapse governments would fail. It's like a speeding train with no brake it has to go faster and faster to stay on the tracks but eventually it will come off those tracks and boom, which is what happened in the banking collapse. We were using Money we didn't have in order to get things we didn't need and the train came off the tracks. This will happen again at some point in history as there is now way it can maintain its ever increasing speed without it coming off those tracks.

The moral of the story is if you don't have it don't spend it.

Seventh Ray on 04/01/2016

let your thoughts soar higher and you will see clear like an Eangle
Allow your thoughts to soar higher!.

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