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Other dimensions

The process that we know and understand about what resides where in a multi -dimensional world is now being looked at by the Hadron collider at Cern ultimately is trying to prove that when matter dies or disappears then it has to go somewhere. We of the spiritual world know only too well that nothing dies but just mutates to become something else, my view is that everything is energy and as such it just becomes a different energy when it changes or disappears. You may sometimes not be able to see this energy and that is where it resides in a different dimension, one hidden from this world or not as the case may be if you are sensitive enough to see, sense or hear it. These other dimensions are still operating within our dimension but at a higher frequency and as such are separate from but connected to our dimension. Now when the scientific world proves something which we have known all along will they then see what we see and recognise that people have been able to interact with this different dimension within dream or awake state and that what we see, sense or hear is real and can be connected with by all individuals if they care to extend themselves beyond the reaches of our dimension and interact with other dimensions. Then and only then will we the spiritual community will be taken seriously and not scorned or shunned and will then the scientific community allow us to be the people we are and be looked upon with respect and validation.

Seventh Ray on 08/04/2015

let your thoughts soar higher and you will see clear like an Eangle
Allow your thoughts to soar higher!.

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