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The lessons of life

Life is a process of learning and the learning we do is what I call the Lessons of life

This is a process we all do and the structure of the lesson is many and varied it can take us into realms of happiness and sadness. There is no plan as to which lesson we learn and in what order it is our choices that provide us with the lesson and sometimes we go round in circles to learn the lesson. We may sometimes go round it time and time again to learn it if we choose not to learn it the first time, second or third. We usually find that until we learn that particular lesson then we cannot start to learn a different lesson so we get stuck and cannot move on.

This process of being stuck does not help us to achieve our aims or our future as this tends to stick us in the past. When we learn the lesson then we move onto the next lesson to be learnt. Think of life as a large classroom that does not have any walls or boundaries or dedicated teachers and that everything you do is in the classroom and we are all teachers then you may have a picture of what it is I am trying to explain.

Our lessons are ways of evolving towards a greater goal towards navarna, as some will call it, others may call it heaven and so on. This mythical place is one which all societies, cultures and beliefs have. We are all programmed to try to find this place its part of our DNA in some ways it's what we try to do on a constant basis achieve the unachievable. For some people this is wealth some knowledge some spiritual enlightenment and a whole range of other goals we look to achieve in our attainment of perfection. I have a saying when is enough enough, as if we cannot understand when we have achieved something how do we know when we have arrived. We are told, from an early age, we have to strive to achieve but what if we already are there what if we have arrived but never knew it. When are we ever in a position to know that we are in our own heaven, even when we depart this earth and move into the next existence whether that be a spiritual one or re-incarnation. If we never know that we have become then we can never rest and enjoy the feeling of achievement we will always be looking for the next thing.

We never learn anything from a positive experience only from a negative one, positive ones make us have a rest and enjoy, negative ones give us options to grow and become. Lessons are always a growth process so it makes sense for them to be hard one's to understand or come to terms from. They nearly always involve an emotional component or outcome.

Learn your lessons as quickly as you can then enjoy the time in between of which there will be more of

Seventh Ray on 01/09/2011

let your thoughts soar higher and you will see clear like an Eangle
Allow your thoughts to soar higher!.

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