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Why energy changes things

People ask me lots of times about what I think energy can or can't do and it's amazing how much people think that all the things that cannot be explained in our world come from a human perspective, i.e. nothing can live in outer space unless it breathes air and drinks water. I was talking to someone the other day and they were exploring what I thought about the moon, being so large and coloured and what did I think about the people who were saying that the Moon was just a holographic projection as sometimes you can see a wobble across the face of it. I thought about this for a while and came to the conclusion that as the moon radiates an energy stream, it controls our tides and has an effect on people's mental state, then you must be able to see or sense that as it emits from the Moon surface, like heat haze. This I reflect must be what is seen when it is emitting the energy similar to solar flares emitting from the Sun which effects our transmitters and electrical items on Earth.

We are sometimes so arrogant to think that in order for life to exist it must look or work as we do, this is nothing of the sort. This arrogance stops us seeing the reality, as it takes us down a prepared path of not being able to realise what is really occurring clouding our senses and stopping the things which we should see being seen. Everything we see or feel has an energy origin, made from atomic particles, so everything has energy at its core, now some people can tap into that energy and use it change it dependant on what it needs to do, we change water into ice liquid into solid and vice versa. If you take the view that what is not of our world would be completely different and not conform to our construction then heat cold etc. of other planets could support life not as we know it but still life in its own fashion. Do not be clouded to think the way we think but instead think from a different perspective anything is possible nothing is impossible, then you may see the world, the universe, differently and more importantly with fresh eyes where everything could be. Your thoughts at this moment in reading this are an energy transfer now if you have changed your thoughts reading this you have changed your perspective and thus then changed your reality.

The Matrix is alive and well and living next to you.

Seventh Ray on 05/10/2015

let your thoughts soar higher and you will see clear like an Eangle
Allow your thoughts to soar higher!.

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